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Variable Speed Compressors

  • Intelligent SCD technology

  • Speed control

  • Direct drive

  • Continuos mains pressure of 5-13 bar

The speed-controlled screw compressors of the VARIABLE range have been developed with the latest knowledge drawn from research and technology for applications with variable compressed air requirements.

Market analyses show that on average compressors only have a utilisation rate of around 50–70 %. The maximum delivery volume is, however, only needed during peak times. So we developed ALMiG SCD technology, the benefits of which come to the fore in partial load applications - i.e. exactly where they are needed.

SCD technology stands for Speed Controlled and Direct drive and is an integral drive concept with maximum cost-effectiveness. An energy saving of up to 35 % can be achieved through:


Product Literature


Four Frame Sizes Available

  • VARIABLE I: 16–38 kW *

  • VARIABLE II: 40 – 85 kW **

  • VARIABLE III: 100–210 kW

  • VARIABLE IV: 260 – 355 kW

Flow Rates from 1.07 m3/min to 55.55 m3/min

Pressures 8 bar, 10 bar and 13 bar


Product Literature

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** Picture bottom left

NEW VARIABLE XP Range now available

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