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Compact Variable Speed Compressors


  • Speed control

  • Constant mains pressure, stepless from 5 - 13 bar

  • Extremely good system efficiency

  • No start-up changeover power peaks

  • No expensive idle times

The speed-controlled, directly driven compressors of the FLEX series are based on cutting edge research and technology and are used wherever compressed air is to be generated by a small, compact and extremely quiet system. Because of the integrated single-shaft solution, the sound level of these small screw compressors is around 60 dB(A), allowing them to be used directly in the workplace.

Product Literature

Multiple Variants Available

  • FLEX Standard - Standalone *

  • FLEX Plus - With Built under Dryer

  • FLEX Plus - With Built under Dryer and Mounted on Air Receivers

  • FLEX  Standard - Receiver Mounted

  • FLEX Plus O - Built under Dryer and Filtration System

  • FLEX Plus O - Built under Dryer and Filtration System and Mounted on Air Receivers **

Product Literature

* Picture top left

** Picture bottom left

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