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Efficient and Space Saving

  • Extremely energy efficient due to direct drive and speed control

  • Space-saving design due to vertical arrangement of the motor-compressor unit

  • Easy access and maintenance

Energy and space-saving at the same time, that doesn’t have to be a contradiction in terms. Quite the opposite. ALMiG have been proving for many years that the concept of a vertical arrangement motor and compressor unit is the key to success - to efficiency.

Energy-saving speed control through an oil-cooled permanent magnet motor, a highly efficient compressor stage combined with the most intelligent control technology and the lowest noise level are our answer to the increasingly demanding requirements of the future.

The speed-controlled, directly driven compressors of the F-Drive series are used wherever compressed air is to be generated by a small, compact and extremely quiet system.


Achieve energy savings of up to 35% through:

  • Speed control

  • constant mains pressure, infinitely variable from 5 to 13 bar

  • extremely good system efficiency

  • no start-up changeover power peaks 

  • no expensive down times

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