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Reliable Belt Driven Compressors

  • Low-maintenance V-belt drive

  • Good long-term performance

  • Extremely cost-effective and reliable

  • Low maintenance costs

The BELT compressor range ensures your company benefits from a high compressor output and reliability at minimum operating costs around the clock. The tenacious compressors are fitted with a low-maintenance V-belt drive, which transfers the power with virtually no losses. This means that the compressor makes full use of the motor's output.


The fixed speed concept of the BELT range also delivers long service life and low maintenance costs, making the screw compressors especially well suited for use as base load compressors.


Product Literature


Two Variants Available

  • BELT Standard - Standalone *

  • BELT Plus - With Built on the side Dryer **

Available from 4kW to 37kW


Pressures 8 bar, 10 bar and 13 bar


Product Literature

* Picture top left

** Picture bottom left

NEW BELT XP Range now available

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