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Directly Driven Compressors 

  • Direct drive

  • Without power losses

  • High-performance in every kW class

  • Extremely efficient

The brand new design of the DIRECT series of screw compressors enables ALMiG to set new standards in the world of compressed air systems with direct drive.

In this instance, direct drive means that the motor's output is transferred directly to the compressor stage without any loss by means of a v-belt or gear drive.

This type of drive is around 99.9 % efficient, i.e. much more efficient than standard drives: Even more compressed air from even less electric energy - around the clock.

The unique design concept of the DIRECT series makes it incredibly cost-effective in every kW class and therefore highly versatile. 


Product Literature


Three Frame Sizes Available

  • DIRECT II: 37–55 *

  • DIRECT III: 75 – 160 **

  • DIRECT VI: 280 - 315

Flow Rates from 6.72 m3/min to 48.30 m3/min

Pressures 8 bar, 10 bar and 13 bar


Product Literature

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** Picture bottom left

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